Tech Ed Day 1 - Hanselman Stops By

 It's day one at Tech Ed, and in the middle of a CodeRush and Refactor! Pro demo, Scott Hanselman shows up.

Most of the exchange is caught on video:

Sound quality is a bit low. Here's a rundown of what we were discussing:

  • I briefly show Scott the new Code Issues UI.
  • Scott sees a formatted comment, and that derails the discussion to focus on the WYSIWYG editing of formatted text in comments.
  • Scott asks to see Reorder Parameters. There's no modal dialogs in any refactoring that ships with Refactor! Pro. That's cool because it's more efficient.
  • After finishing up demonstrating scores of amazing and powerful refactorings, I try to order a hit on that guy on the internet who said he only needed five refactorings. Jeeze.
  • Scott asks for clarifaction on price and content. Refactor! Pro is US$99 (that's about 5 Euros, I think), and CodeRush is US$249 (and includes Refactor! Pro)
  • I show Introduce Parameter Object. This has a great UI -- just select the parameters you want to combine and press the refactor key.
  • Scott, Gary, and Oliver start to spec out the beginnings of a killer application that models Scottish lads drinking at a pub. I implement the IDrink and IVomit interfaces per their spec, and then go on to implement the Pub class.
  • Scott and Gary find out they're both from the same small town!

Thanks Scott for stopping by!

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