I am the Egg Man

30 June 2008


I am the Egg Man!


I am the...


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great. one step closer to being homer simpson.

30 June, 2008
Miguel Castro

WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 June, 2008
Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)

Congratulations, I assure you won't regret it (I speak from Dxperience...)

30 June, 2008
Robert Kozak

I think it makes you look a little tougher. Going to get a tat or two now Mark?

30 June, 2008

This can't be real...

The old Beach Boy look was way cooler...

30 June, 2008
Peter Kellner

Did something change?

30 June, 2008
Andreas Grabmüller

I almost fell from the chair laughing! Well, about the commentary. I think the new look is cool :)

30 June, 2008
Noah Coad

OMG, your forehead is literally half the size of your entire head.  This explains a lot.  Your telekineses powers must be enhanced now.



30 June, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Thank you thank you thank you


that's exactly who we were trying to remember he looked like.

30 June, 2008

If we rub it will that bring us good luck?

30 June, 2008

Is that what "Smart Cut" does in CodeRush?

30 June, 2008
Keith Puckett


30 June, 2008
Mark DuCharme

omg... I have no words, I got nothin', nothin' I tell ya

30 June, 2008
Joe Brinkman

Scott Hanselman and Phil Haack have nothing on you Mark.  Your forhead makes theirs' look puny by comparison.  Hmm... just realized you are all on the West Coast...  There must be something in the water out west.

30 June, 2008
Julia Lerman

different !! But looks kinda cool.

30 June, 2008
Daniel Egan

OMG Mark.... Oh My FNG... what have you done !!!

30 June, 2008
Alex Danvy

Mark, after being THE DevExpress bad boy, you finally and definitely look like one. Congrat.

1 July, 2008
richard morris

Congrats to whomever egged him into doing that ... truly a job well done, bask in your success :)

1 July, 2008
Ben Hayat

Mark, I did the same thing and I love it. Give it a bit of time till the skin color normalizes with the front of your head. You'll never want to go back again.

I'll bet Oliver and Gary are next ;-)

1 July, 2008
Glen Germaine

"Who luvs ya baby..."

1 July, 2008
Dan Miser

This just proves that not everyone should be allowed access to video cameras.

Maybe I'll set up an online poll to see if I should shave my head, too. Nah.

1 July, 2008

I was reading a post from someone here at DevExpress to a customer that mentioned Mehul and myself and

1 July, 2008

Dude, I love it.

Please start working on the CodeRush Icon based on your head.

Great stuff.


1 July, 2008

Is Mark transforming into the Mekon from the famous Dan Dare comics?

2 July, 2008

You sir....are fucking dumber than me!!!

4 July, 2008

What? I can't see anything because of that humongous flare in the middle of the screen...

4 July, 2008
Thomas Huijer

Mark Miller van Developer Express is al meer dan 10 jaar een goede vriend van me. Veel mensen zullen

4 July, 2008
Charlie Calvert

The man who went too far...

7 July, 2008

Just a sorry ass attempt to endear himself to K. Greenwald again. Nice try Mark.

25 July, 2008

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