Adding Emphasis to Control Text

11 July 2008

Julian just posted about new text formatting technology coming out in the v2008 vol 2 release of our controls.

However, the "ransom note screen shots" posted there don't reveal just how incredible this feature is. With great power comes great responsibility, so let's keep the emphasis subtle for striking effects.

For example, take a look at this screen shot, where important words are elegantly emphasized with bold text:


Nice, isn't it? And interfaces like this improve user efficiency as well.

We're looking forward to see what you do with this.

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Excellent Idea. Is it available on the Controls? e.g Search Criteria  

12 July, 2008
Pietro Allegretti

Hi Mark,

what kind of skin is used in the screenshots?

14 July, 2008
Robert Johnson

I'd like to know the skin too!

14 July, 2008
Greg Munn

I believe that it is a screenshot from Adobe Lightroom.


14 July, 2008
Renaud Bompuis

Time for a "Lightroom" skin...

These UI improvements are really welcome. They sometimes seem small but they can have a huge impact on usability and discoverability.

What about other small things like Dock Panel fading?

14 July, 2008

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