New Video: Refactorings that Change Method Signatures

Mark Miller
28 July 2008

New Refactor! Pro video is up, showing refactorings that change method signatures.

Refactorings covered in this video include:

  • Add Parameter
  • Create Overload
  • Decompose Parameter
  • Introduce Parameter Object
  • Make Member Static
  • Promote to Parameter
  • Reorder Parameters
  • Safe Rename

So far we've published nine videos, demonstrating a total of 83 refactorings:


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Hi Mark

Where I can find all your videos ?

I forgot some of them :( and I want to review.

29 July 2008
Geoff Davis
Geoff Davis


You can go to and here is a small tutorial of how to get the best from finding what you need:


29 July 2008

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