Woah! Earthquake hits the DevExpress offices

29 July 2008

Hey kids,

A 5.4 earthquake just rocked L.A., with the epicenter only a few blocks away from the office. Cell phones and text messages are not getting through, no doubt due to there being too much demand (everyone is trying to call out at once), but the internet is apparently still working. Skype is apparently your friend during natural disasters.

The cool thing is that we were shooting a video when the earthquake struck, and the camera guy says we have some pretty exciting stuff. As soon as we have it up we'll let you know.

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Hey Mark this is Glenn...hope you guys are all safe and sound!  Take care and give a shout if you need anything!

29 July, 2008
Mark Miller

I am okay. I made it out of the building safely before it collapsed. I assume it collapsed, that is. I didn't look back. Instead I ran to the nearest strip club because everyone knows a strip club is the safest place to be in during an earthquake, and because of the free wifi they have here.

29 July, 2008
Jeff Schumacher

Hey Mark, we're just about 6 miles from the epicenter in San Dimas - funny thing to see the building waving at you.  I waved "Hi" back and ran out as fast as I could.

Love to see the video you guys shot during the quake.

29 July, 2008
Rollie Claro

Miller? how i remember the days of Hulk Hogan on a ring match saying to the referee. "Get out of my way"


Miller Rocks!

30 July, 2008
Erwin Blonk

I was about 7000 miles from the epicentre but I felt nothing. What kind of earthquake is that supposed to be?

At least I'm happy to see you are a man that can take care of himself.

30 July, 2008
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8 September, 2008

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