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August 2008 - Posts

  • New Refactoring Video: Extract to XAML Template

    Here's another refactoring we're working on for the 3.2 release, Extract to XAML Template. It moves an inlined control template up to the resource section of the file, which promotes reuse of the template across multiple controls.

    Between now and the 3.2 release, existing CodeRush and Refactor! Pro customers can get a daily build from which includes this feature.

  • New Refactoring Video: Extract Method to Type

    This is one of my favorite new refactorings coming up in the 3.2 release of Refactor! Pro. It's called Extract Method to Type, and it allows you to extract a block of code from one class to another class better suited to host the code block.

    Here's a video showing this refactoring in action. I love the sub-menu allowing you to select both the target class and the calling local (when multiple target classes and calling locals exist).

    While 3.2 is not released as of this writing, CodeRush and Refactor! Pro customers can get the latest daily builds from to have access to this feature right now. If you get a daily build and have a chance to try out this refactoring, let me know what you think.

  • Return on Investment with Developer Tools, part II

    A while back I talked about calculating return on investment for developer tools. That post brought in great comments pointing out limitations in a few assumptions made, including:

    • Some shops average more than eight hour days or five day weeks.
    • Many devs spend only a portion of their day actually writing new code or maintaining existing code.
    • Most devs work less than the 50 weeks per year used in the original spreadsheet.

    So, I'm back with a revised spreadsheet, one that allows you to more accurately describe your work year, as well as how much time team members actually spend coding per day. The result is a more accurate picture of how much time it takes to achieve ROI. Many of the cells have comments to explain their values.

    Return on Investment

    This spreadsheet also adds a field for Developer Gain, a value in man-months that represents the amount of dev time gained due to the productivity boost. Even for a small 3-dev team with each member spending an average of 5 hours a day writing or maintaining code, Developer Gain for CodeRush and Refactor! Pro still adds up to over five additional developer man-months every year.

    Take a look at the spreadsheet and let me know what you think.


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