Prepping for the 9.1 release of CodeRush and Refactor! Pro

Mark Miller
24 March 2009

We're all deep in the final stages of prepping for the 9.1 release of CodeRush and Refactor! Pro. That explains the relatively quiet front out here. The jump in version numbers synchronizes with the rest of the product releases here at Dev Express. The 9 corresponds to 2009, and the 1 signifies the first release of the year.

I'm currently working on an plug-in that HTML devs should be excited about, and in it I noticed the following code:

      if (leftSideIsWhiteSpace && rightSideIsWhiteSpace)
        ea.Satisfied = true;  // On an empty line.
      if (!leftSideIsWhiteSpace)
        ea.Satisfied = true;  // Text to the left.

You may have spotted the redundancy here. Fortunately, I have Refactor! Pro. So I can place the caret on the if statement, press the CodeRush/Refactor! key, and choose Combine Conditionals, which gives me this (sans redundancy):

      if (!leftSideIsWhiteSpace || rightSideIsWhiteSpace)
        ea.Satisfied = true; // On an empty line.
      // Text to the left. 

Nice. :-) Now I can manually combine the comments into something more meaningful, like "// Text to the left or on an empty line" and I'm done.

I will be back soon with previews of what's you can expect in 9.1, including some powerful sweet fun code creation and navigation features for HTML developers. And after 9.1 is out I'll return to the Science of Great UX blog series.




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Really I'm waiting this rekease. Please.. hurry ... :(

25 March 2009
Daniel Hulse
Daniel Hulse

You mean it RF! doesn't automatically change the comment as well? Sheez...

Looking forward to the "powerful sweet fun"...!


25 March 2009

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