Refactorings Shipping in Refactor! Pro 9.1

Mark Miller
02 April 2009

With the 9.1 release of Refactor! Pro, we bring the count a few refactorings closer to 200. This release only adds a small handul of refactorings, but that's okay since a great deal of our focus has been on improving performance and reducing memory usage. Click below to get the same spreadsheet we use internally to track all the refactorings. You can sort, filter or group by language supported, version number, or refactoring category.

Refactorings in 9.1

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3 April 2009
Brad White

> Pull Member Up

Finally!  I was starting to believe that ancestors didn't really exist, since they weren't supported.  Thanks!

> Encapsulate Downcast

Very nice.

Now how do I extract the ancestor in the first place?



6 April 2009

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