More Proof I'm a Genius - Behold My New DevEx Marketing Plan

01 May 2009

So, unless you've been coding under a rock for the past week, you're no doubt aware that once again the world's tightie whities are in a tizzy over the swine flu.

This of course all hits us only days before Tech Ed 2009, where Dev Express will be bringing its financial muscle to the gun show a la platinum sponsorship.

You may also recall that the Millahnator has been recently locked-out of Dev Express marketing meetings, because, well, the marketing folks at our company get all uptight whenever they find themselves in the presence of a marketing genius such as myself.

But the Millahnator will not be detered by some smarty-pants in security changing the access codes on my teal badge. I know when it's time to take the reigns of this company into my own hands. After all, if the forces that be didn't really want me to take initiative, then why did they give me a company credit card?


And so yesterday afternoon I put the old Dev Express company credit card to good use. After treating my mind to an expensive dinner at Morton's Steak House, I reclined back in my Morton's Steak House chair and thought and thought, just like Winnie the Pooh after taking a pawful of hunney.

I asked myself these questions:

  • How can DevExpress capitalize on the latest pandemic fear that is gripping this nation's developers?
  • How can DevExpress assuage the concerns of developers attending TechEd?

Then it hit me. DevExpress Face Masks!

The DevEx Face Mask -- Just in Time for Tech Ed

After all, if being able to order 10,000 of these specially-branded Dev Express face masks without consulting anyone isn't what company credit cards are for, then I don't know what they're for.

See you at Tech Ed 2009, kids! :-)

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Alberto Cortes

Great !!! :-)

1 May, 2009
Gary L Cox Jr [DX-Squad]

I think your on to something big!!!

1 May, 2009
Renaud Bompuis

Hey we just got our first case in Hong Kong.

Care to send us a large box of about 7 million face masks for free advertisement?

2 May, 2009
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Just goes to show - you can never ever trust anyone who gives himself a nickname like Millahnator

2 May, 2009
richard morris

It's good to see Mark trying comedy again after such a dry spell :)

2 May, 2009

Frankly, regardless of the fact that this is but one health issue amongst many, and that regular flu kills far more people than swine flu, one might suggest that making light of something that is currently high on the radar of the world, and in fact killing people, this sort of comedy might need vetting.

I am sure my post won't win me friends at DX, but frankly, while a light casual approach is very welcome, care must be taken to stay within context of why we come here to this website.

2 May, 2009

+1 for drew

and please please people don't say swine flu or Mexican flu, the official term is H1N1 influenza A ....

2 May, 2009
Pat Connelly

Drew Elpipo has got to lighten up!  You guys take yourselves way to seriously.

2 May, 2009
Jim Clay

Brilliant...Just Brilliant.  I wish we could afford such brilliance.

2 May, 2009


you could also have come up with the DXLubricant to make golden parachutes a 'lesser pain' for tax payers (current financial crisis).   You'd definitely sell a lot and be regarded as a true genius by you hierarchy :p

3 May, 2009
Karl Rostock_2

It supposed to be comical and it is quite funny but spare a thought for the predicted 500,000 people wo will die from it.

3 May, 2009
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

mmm... business are bussiness not?.... nothing here... but... not more expansive that financial crisis....

3 May, 2009

I also think this is brilliant. It's not only win-win, it's win-win-win (1. protection for wearer, 2. marketing for DevExpress, 3. laugh for me).

4 May, 2009

Mark, i searched the whole net for you. mondays just aint the same. if you produced one every week, you'd have a vent for your creative genius. and to those upset, THIS IS THE FRIGGIN MILLAHNATOR!!!!! what did you expect really? i use the products and listen to him on dnr but i also know what i'm getting.

go read an quite being one of em holes

4 May, 2009
Jason Short

Wow, talk about something that should never have left your desk...  

Anyone feel slightly embarrassed for this post?  I mean you represent a company.  Go post this on You Tube or something, not your company blog.

5 May, 2009
Matthew Roberts

It looks like a great bug-free application!

5 May, 2009
Bobby Ortiz

Save me one. See you there.

5 May, 2009
Grant Levy

This is just the kind of post I expect (and enjoy) from the Millahnator.  Funny as hell.  I only wish I could go.  Please post pics from your booth showing people's reactions to the masks.  I can't wait to see the mix of stunned looks and huge grins.

7 May, 2009
Colin Mackay

@elpipo I believe the correct term is Pig Plague

17 June, 2009

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