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November 2009 - Posts

  • The Extensible Test Runner You’ve Been Waiting For

    We’ve been hard at work fine-tuning the CodeRush Test Runner, and we’re getting excited.

    This screen shot contains a few clues as to why we’re so pumped up:


    We’re pleased with the UI. Notice in the screen shot above how failing tests are easy to spot while the less-important information is rendered in a lower contrast that’s easy on the eyes. Also, we’ve done some work on the tree list to reduce the number of clicks needed to get to tests of interest. And there’s a handy filter text box at the top.

    So it looks pretty. But more importantly, the Test Runner supports all the popular testing frameworks right out of the box, including VSTest, NUnit (including different flavors mixed in with various extensions), and the oft-neglected xUnit and MbUnit. The screen shot above is taken from a solution that includes test cases for all of these frameworks.

    CodeRush customers will also receive full source code to the plug-ins we ship that provide all this luscious unit testing support. So if you want to extend support for any of these unit test frameworks, it’s easy. Or if you want to add support for a brand new unit testing framework, you all have the sample code you need to get started. That is cool.

    Test results also appear in the code:


    You can run test cases from the Test Runner, or from the code itself by clicking one of the Test Runner icons that appear next to the unit test attributes (as shown in the screen shot above).

    The Test Runner debuts in CodeRush 9.3 (beta is internal testing and will available soon if not already by the time you read this). I’ll be showing the Test Runner at PDC in Los Angeles this week, so if you’re in LA stop by our booth and check it out.

  • Here's a Picture Worth 1000 Words...

    Derek Reynolds says it all with a single screen shot.


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