Spend a Day with Miller in Vegas! (Free CodeRush Training)

10 March 2010

Hey kids,

Ever wish you could spend the day with your good old buddy Mark Miller in a Las Vegas training room?


Just sitting back, shooting the breeze and talking about whatever CodeRush thing is on your mind? Well the good folks at DevExpress are working hard to make your dream come true. :-)

That’s right, kids. DevExpress is putting together a full day’s worth of formal CodeRush training, tentatively scheduled for Thursday the 15th of April, the day after the DevConnections conference and the official launch of Visual Studio 2010 in Las Vegas. And like the title of this blog post reads, this training session will be 100% free.

Not only will it be free, but DevExpress will also be giving away prizes, we’ll hear from a special guest speaker from the Visual Studio team at Microsoft, and there’ll be some yummy food to eat. All courtesy of DevExpress. It’s crazy I tell you. Absolutely crazy. :-)

As for content, we’ll start off the morning talking about CodeRush Xpress, then we’ll move into the more powerful features of the full version of CodeRush, wrapping up with extensibility, showing how to radically customize your IDE. The course content will look something like this:

  • CodeRush Xpress
    • Navigation
    • Selection
    • Clipboard Features
    • Declaration from Usage
    • Refactoring
    • Performance/Memory Comparison
  • CodeRush
    • Selection Embedding
    • Other Productivity Features
      • Intellassist
      • Auto Declare
      • Smart Semi-Colon
      • Smart Parens
    • Templates
    • Code Issues
    • Test Runner
    • More Code Providers
    • More Clipboard Features
    • More Refactorings
    • Other Language Features
      • ASP.NET
      • XAML
      • JavaScript
      • etc.
    • Extensibility
      • Third Party Plug-ins
      • Introduction – Creating a Simple Plug-in
      • Creating Refactorings
      • Creating Code Providers
      • Creating Code Issues

So what’s the catch, you ask? It’s simple. We need to get a sense of how many people will show up, and we need to know very soon so we can book a room big enough to hold everyone. If this event sounds like your kind of fun and you can make it to Vegas in April, post a comment below to let us know of your intentions to be there. I expect that soon we’ll create a registration page so you can lock in your spot, and when that’s page is available we’ll let you know through blogs, tweeting, shouting and otherwise general mayhem.

16 comment(s)

I would definitely be interested in attending.

10 March, 2010
IGT - Tony McLaughlin

I would like to attend too

11 March, 2010

Can't attend but would be keen to see a recording!

11 March, 2010
Rory Becker - DevExpress

I would very much like to attend...but there's no way I can get myself to Vegas... Perhaps if you were to go "On a European Tour" ala Mehul and Oliver :D

11 March, 2010
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11 March, 2010
Daniel Rieck IMC

Will you setup a camera and post the video online?

11 March, 2010

Definitely interested

11 March, 2010
Alberto Cortes

Very interesting, what about people can´t go to event?.

11 March, 2010
Steve Sharkey

Very interested but no trip to the US in the budget for me :o(

12 March, 2010
Lorenzo Statie

I would love to attend. What are the start & end times of this event? I need to know to book a flight.

12 March, 2010
Joe Hendricks

Wow! I will discuss with my better half :-)

12 March, 2010

Would love to attend.  Has this event been confirmed?  Where can I go to register?  Thanks!

23 March, 2010
dawna weaver

i'm definitely interested in attending this seminar...please send me more emails @ weaver6d2@hotmail.com

5 April, 2010
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

We didn't get enough replies by our cut-off, so we decided to provide this session at another time. However, the impressive news is that on Tuesday at 5:30pm, we'll present an hour-long training session on CodeRush in the Bellagio Ballroom 2, and at that session we're going to be giving away over $200,000 in DX software licenses to the first 200 attendees (that's 200 licenses to the full version of CodeRush plus DXperience WPF edition). Stop by the DevExpress booth on Monday or Tuesday for details.

8 April, 2010

We attended the conference at the Bellagio and went to the session at 5:30.  We dropped off our forms for the free software liscenses but never received an email or anything regarding it.  We (2 co-oworkers and I) we wondering if you ever ended up follwoing through with that?  Thanks!

2 June, 2010
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Hi Matt,

We did send those copies out. However the notification we sent may have been caught by a spam filter or we may have mis-read the email address filled out on the form. I'm forwarding your request to the powers that be -- they can go through the forms we have to see if anything resembles your name and email address. Can you send the email address you wrote on the form to me at "markm" at the devexpress domain? TIA.

2 June, 2010

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