CodeRush Template Deep Dive - Thursday 10am PDT, 17:00 GMT

29 September 2010

This webinar will provide a brief overview of existing CodeRush template technology followed by a deep dive behind-the-scenes look at how CodeRush templates are built. Rory and I will show how to position the caret, select text, call templates from templates, create alternate expansions, and use fields, linked identifiers, context, dynamic lists, TextCommands, and StringProviders -- everything you need to know about exploiting the power of CodeRush templates.

To register for this session, click here:

If you have a common code sample you would like to see us turn into a template, send it to me at markm at the DevExpress domain and we may discuss it in this session.

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Abu Uddin

Missed the webinar, is there any offline source to watch it?

30 September, 2010
Alberto Cortes

I would like to watch it offline too.

1 October, 2010
Peter Thorpe

If you can get the webinar up on video that would be great. I tried to watch live but I was having internet problems my end.

1 October, 2010
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Peter, Abu, We are working to get that webinar up. As soon as I have a link I'll post it here.

1 October, 2010
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

The webinar is up. A one hour and 37 minute deep dive into CodeRush template technology.

Note: sound quality is compressed -- we'll improve that in future webinars.

5 October, 2010

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