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Mark Miller
04 May 2011

Here’s a summary of CodeRush training videos created so far, to help you find relevant training quickly:


1.       Introduction to Features

a.       Getting Started/Configuration

2.       Navigation

3.       Working with Selections and the Clipboard

4.       Consume-first Declaration

5.       Declaring and Refactoring:

a.       Properties

b.      Events

6.       Refactoring in-depth:

a.       Introduction

b.      Changing Signatures

c.       Conditionals

d.      Declaration and Initialization

e.      Dead Code

f.        Expressions

g.       Formatting and Structure

h.      Lambda Expressions and Anonymous Methods

i.         Loops & Blocks

j.        Moving and Extracting Methods

k.       Properties and Fields

l.         Strings

7.       Language/Framework follow-up:

a.       ASP.NET

b.      C++

c.       MVC

d.      Working with Color

e.      WPF and Silverlight

f.        XAF

8.       Advanced Topics

a.       CodeRush Template Deep Dive

b.      TextCommands

9.   Creating Plug-ins

a.       Introduction – Actions and Tool Windows

b.      Text Commands, StringProviders and ContextProviders

c.       TextDocument and TextView


Nearly every Tuesday at 12:00 noon Pacific time Rory Becker and I host a CodeRush training webinar, where we dive into a particular topic and answer questions from viewers. You can see a list of upcoming CodeRush webinars here.

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Jim Foye
Jim Foye

I am loving these videos. May I humbly suggest that you try to keep them to 60 minutes as an absolute max? Even if you have to edit them a bit.

30 August 2012
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Suggestion heard. We will definitely make them shorter in the future. Thanks!

31 August 2012

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