CodeRush for Roslyn 1.0.9 (preview) is Available

In this release, we’ve added XAML features and improved the Test Runner, Code Coverage, Debug Visualizer, Navigation and Refactorings. You can get the latest CodeRush for Roslyn on the Visual Studio Gallery. The preview is free until we release, currently expected by the summer of 2016. Details on the new features are below.

Unit Test Runner

The CodeRush Unit Test Runner now supports NUnit 3.0 framework, and test execution output is now displayed in the Console output tab:


Code Coverage

Code Coverage lets you filter displayed members using the Search Box:



Four new features here. The References window now supports multiple tabs. Want to find all references for the symbol at the caret? Just click the green plus button to create a new tab and instantly fill it with all the references to the symbol.


The second neat feature is improved interaction with CodeRush’s Jump To feature. Typically you use the Jump To feature to quickly find and get to a single location of interest. But what if you want to visit multiple locations across your session? Just press Ctrl+P to pin the results in the References window, or click the References button from the Jump To window, like this:


This will instantly create and populate a new tab in the References window, filled with all the locations found by Jump To. Now these locations are in a single place and persist until you close the tab or close Visual Studio.

The third new feature modifies the Jump To feature, allowing you to drill into decompiled code:


And the fourth new navigation feature we’ve added is to bring CodeRush Classic’s Drop Marker Before Jump feature, which drops a marker automatically before you go away using the Visual Studio Edit.GoToDefinition command. This makes it easy to return to where you were (just press Escape to get back).

XAML Language Support

We’ve ported four XAML features over from CodeRush Classic: Break Apart Attributes, Line Up Attributes, Show Color (for showing and changing color references in XAML), and Import Type (to declare XAML namespace references for unresolved types).


New Refactorings

CodeRush for Roslyn adds a new refactoring: Rename Namespace to Match Folder Structure, which renames the namespace according to the project default namespace and the path to the source code file.

And we improved Convert to String Interpolation. This refactoring is now available everywhere Use String.Format is, and is also aware of string formatting in calls to Debug.Print, Console.Write, Console.WriteLine and the StringBuilder.AppendFormat.

Debug Visualizer

We’ve added the Debug Toolbar, which lets you turn the Debug Visualizer on and off, control execution while ignoring breakpoints, step into the member at the caret position, and toggle temporary breakpoints.


And we’ve improved the Debug Visualizer user interface to make preview expressions easier to read. In the two identical code samples below, you can see the UI from earlier versions (on top) compared to the improved version of the UI (below):


Other Minor Improvements

  • Smart Constructor Template now allows you to initialize properties.
  • Code Cleanup and Organize Members features are now available from the CodeRush | Edit menu. 


As always, we’re interested to know what you think. Download the latest version of CodeRush for Roslyn and give it a try. Thanks for your support and feedback.

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