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  • CodeRush for Roslyn 16.2.7 is Available

    Today Team CodeRush completed another 45-day sprint, releasing version 16.2.7 of CodeRush for Roslyn. This shiny new version includes C# 7 support, new refactorings, and code declaration tools.

    C# 7 Syntax


    We have updated a number of features to support the new C# 7.0 language spec. The Expand\Compress Ternary refactorings, the Smart Return (‘r’ template), and our Declare providers have all been updated to exploit new language features.

    New Code Style Rules

    You can now choose one of three styles for placing new namespace reference imports/using declarations: place new imports/using references at the top of the file, place new imports/using statements inside the active namespace, or use fully qualified type names.


    New XAML Features

    XAML developers get two new refactorings: Convert Nested Element to Attribute and Convert Attribute to Nested Element. These refactorings move attribute from a XAML tag to become a child element (and vice versa, moving a child element up to become an attribute of the parent tag). These refactorings can improve XAML readability when there are excessive complicated attributes or when the nesting level gets excessively deep.


    Also, for the C# & VB code behind the XAML, we’ve added two new code providers to make it easier to declare properties in classes that implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface (more details below).

    Refactorings and Code Providers

    In addition to the new C# 7.0 upgrades mentioned above, we have improved and broadened a number of existing code gen/mod features, including:

    • Use Expression Body now works on constructors, destructors, getters and setters.
    • Move Type to Namespace and Extract String to Resource are now more organized and easier to execute with the new Code Actions sub-menu.

    • Two new Code Providers, Introduce Change Notification and Convert to Property with Change Notification make implementing the INotifyPropertyChanged interface for the active property effortless.

    Consolidated Install

    To simplify the installation experience across multiple versions of Visual Studio, we now have a single CodeRush for Roslyn installer designed to install CodeRush to all supported IDE versions at once, available through the DevExpress Download Manager.


    Give CodeRush a Try

    You can get the latest version of CodeRush for Roslyn from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

    If you’re an existing customer, we thank you for your business. We are working hard to keep CodeRush fast & lean while we continue to ship powerful and intelligent features every 45 days.

    If you’re thinking about giving CodeRush a try, we encourage you to install CodeRush today. We expect you’ll find it a powerful addition to Visual Studio, and one that’s easy to use.

    As always, let us know what you think!


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