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October 2017 - Posts

  • CodeRush 17.1.9 is Now Available

    CodeRush 17.1.9 is now available, adding support for source code & XAML formatting, Microsoft Fakes support, and we have improved the unused member de-emphasis experience.

    Code Formatting

    The Code Formatting feature now includes new (beta) abilities to configure Line Breaks. Two new options pages have been added:

    Editor | C# | Formatting | Blank Lines — enables you to configure the number of blank lines around and within the following code elements:

    • Namespaces
    • Types
    • Methods
    • Properties
    • Fields

    Editor | C# | Formatting | Braces — enables you to configure the line breaks around and within the following code blocks:

    • Namespaces
    • Types
    • Methods
    • Properties
    • Accessors
    • Lambda Expressions and Anonymous Methods
    • Statements

    Code Formatting styles are applied using the Code Cleanup feature.

    XAML Formatting

    We have added an ability to normalize whitespace inside XML comments.


    Unit Testing

    • CodeRush Test Runner now supports the Microsoft Fakes isolation framework.

      It helps you mock the code you are testing by replacing parts of your application with the small pieces of code under the control of your tests.

      Note: Microsoft Fakes framework is available only in the Enterprise version of Visual Studio.

    • The Code Coverage filtering has been improved. You can now filter the report, not only by name and percentage, but also by node kind.

      For example, you can create a filter that only shows methods with test coverage between 1% and 40%, like this:


    Code Analysis

    We have improved the Highlight Unused Members experience so that member de-emphasis is temporarily disabled when the caret is inside the member.

    Thanks For Your Support!

    You can always download CodeRush for Roslyn from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

    If you’re already using CodeRush for Roslyn and enjoying it, please share a review with other Visual Studio developers!


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