Xamarin.Forms Components – CollectionView, New Data Editors, and More (available in v20.2)

In this post, I'll review enhancements introduced to DevExpress UI for Xamarin.Forms (v20.2). This release includes several new Xamarin.Forms UI components, and a number of new features/capabilities for existing controls (Data Grid, Charts, and Data Form).

Should you have any questions about the Xamarin.Forms products listed below, feel free to comment below.

New Xamarin CollectionView

v20.2 includes a new component designed to display data item collections within your mobile app – CollectionView.

Our Xamarin.Forms CollectionView includes the following built-in features/capabilities:

  • Vertical and horizontal layout
  • Data sorting, filtering, and grouping support
  • Data item and group header templates
  • Item drag & drop (item reordering) support
  • Pull to refresh
  • Load more
  • Single and multiple item selection
  • Dark and light themes

New Xamarin Data Editors

We’ve extended our line of Xamarin.Forms data/field editors. It now includes the following UI controls:

  • Xamarin AutoComplete Edit – suggests values that can be entered into the edit box.
  • Xamarin Numeric Edit – displays numeric values and allows end-users to edit it as needed (enter a number in the edit box or use spin buttons to decrease/increase the value).
  • Xamarin Date Edit and Time Edit – allows a user to select time and date values via native iOS or Android date/time pickers.
  • Xamarin CheckBox Edit – a checkbox with support for indeterminate states.

Note: These new components support all base features of our Xamarin editors (animated labels, placeholders, input error indication, icons, and appearance customization).

Xamarin Data Grid

Our DataGrid for Xamarin.Forms ships with the following new features.

  • A Virtual Horizontal Scrolling option - allows you to substantially improve the performance of the grid when displaying large numbers of columns.
  • DataGridView now uses DevExpress editors to display and edit cell values. It also supports three new column types - ComboBoxColumn, AutoCompleteColum, and TimeColumn.
  • You can now use the grid’s Auto-Filter Row to incorporate search capabilities within your mobile app.
  • New properties allow you to save the grid layout to a stream or an XML string and then restore it if needed.

Xamarin Charts

Our Xamarin.Forms ChartView has also been enhanced.

  • A new Spline series type allows you to display data as a smooth curve.
  • Point and Segment colorizers allow you to color-code series points and line/area segments to enhance data readability/discoverability. You can use predefined colorizers or implement custom algorithms as needed.
  • ChartView can now automatically format DateTme and Numeric axis labels. This feature allows you to display extended information within chart axes.

Xamarin Data Form

We’ve added the following new properties to extend the capabilities of our Xamarin.Forms Data Form.

Give it a Try

To explore these new controls and features first-hand, you can download our demo app using the following links:

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