Dashboard v16.1: Data-Bound Images and Mail-Merge Text Box

04 October 2016

The features discussed in this post are illustrated in the Product Details demo, specifically on its left-hand side. Try changing the master filter using the Products dropdown list, and notice how the mail-merge text box and the images below it are automatically updated.

Both features - mail merge in text box and data-bound images - have been introduced in v16.1. To enable them, first make sure that the data source's DataProcessingMode is set to Client (we are working on removing this limitation in future versions). Then follow the instructions below.

Data-Bound Images

Dashboard v16.1 introduced a new element - Bound Image. As the name suggests, you can specify a data field that supplies values to this element, and the Options dialog will help you specify if the fetched values are treated as:

  • Byte arrays, i.e. actual image data.
  • Alphanumerical values that help specify a path to the image. In this case, you'll need to set up a path template with a field value placeholder.

Dashboard - Data Bound Image

Mail Merge in Text Box

The Mail Merge feature became available in the previously existing Text Box element. Simply drop the required fields into the Values section and then use the Insert Field command in the edit mode, thus embedding dynamically-updated database values into the static document.

Dashboard - Mail Merge Text Box


Use these features to enrich your dashboard with textual and image details that depend on the current context. Speaking in Dashboard's technical terms, that "context" is defined by the static item filter and dynamic master filter.

We certainly hope that the described UI is clear and self-explanatory and if you think we're missing anything, do let us know in the Comments section below.

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