TreeMap Item in Dashboard - Coming Soon in v16.2

01 December 2016

The DevExpress TreeMap Control - available in our WinForms, WPF and DevExtreme Subscriptions - has found its way to DevExpress Dashboard. The new toolbox items and the corresponding demos are available for both Desktop and Web UI. It's all shipping with the v16.2 Beta 1 build, currently available to active Universal subscribers.

By automatically summarizing and grouping underlying data, TreeMap enables an effective data visualization option. In addition to that, the interactivity features allow it to serve as a filter control too, so that end-users can navigate to detailed information about a particular data group. In the screencast below, I show all of that plus some ways in which you can manipulate the TreeMap's data layout. (As you'll see, I use the new Web Dashboard Control which will see its official release with v16.2... More on that to follow in a separate blog post.)

The TreeMap Dashboard item will support the following features:

  • Multiple Layout algorithms: Slice and Dice, Squarified and Striped.
  • Ability to visualize flat and hierarchical data.
  • Interactive capabilities allowing end-users to select tiles or groups to filter a dashboard.
  • Coloring support.
  • Configurable tooltips for individual tiles and groups.

If you don't have access to v16.2 Beta 1, but want to know more about upcoming Dashboard features, feel free to write to us at

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