WinForms, WPF & ASP.NET End-User Documentation: Now on GitHub

24 August 2017

We have just transferred our .NET End-User Documentation to a GitHub repository - a new official home for the current version and all future updates:

What's Included

As in our previously available downloads, the information is divided into four sections:

  • Interface Elements for Desktop (WinForms and WPF UI Controls)
  • Dashboard for Dektop
  • Interface Elements for Web (ASP.NET WebForms and MVC UI Controls)
  • Dashboard for Web

Source and Output Formats

Documents are now written in markdown and we provide ways to easily bulk-convert the topics to a static HTML site or a PDF using DocFX. For export instructions, see the repository's README file:

Simpler Editing Workflow, Updated Browsing Experience

Those of you who have been using our End-User Documentation will enjoy a simpler workflow with markdown files and straightforward export.

For the rest, this blog post serves as a reminder that we do have this information available - something you can grab and put into your own help file. And just to shape your expectations, here's how the topics look converted to a static HTML file using default DocFX templates:

DevExpress .NET End-User Documentation on GitHub


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Toni Wenzel CHG
Toni Wenzel CHG

How  did you convert your existing documentation to this markdown version? What was the format of the old version?

24 August 2017
Konstantin B (DevExpress)
Konstantin B (DevExpress)

@Toni The existing documentation was stored in our internal XML-like format. We have created a converter to markdown to migrate the end-user documentation content. You can learn more about our documentation infrastructure from Alexey's answer in the T478381 ticket.

25 August 2017

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