A New Documentation Experience: Available Now for .NET Products

17 May 2018

One team at a time, we are moving toward a single toolset used to author and publish documentation for each supported platform. I’m happy to say that we’ve published our first effort in this regard – you can now view our .NET documentation in a modern responsive format by visiting the following URL:


New and Previous Formats, Side-by-Side

From Google, you’ll land on our previous product documentation site. To find content on the new site, you can manually navigate to docs.devexpress.com and use the search box as needed. Within a few weeks (once conversion issues have been addressed), we’ll flip the switch and move to this new engine and archive our old site.

Where possible, the new documentation site will offer you to navigate to the same documentation article in our previous format. We are also going to update the current site with messages that invite you to view updated information, if available.

Note that certain topic types, such as overloaded methods or class constructors, had the URL format changed to better match the standards set by Microsoft's documentation resources. This means that manually replacing "documentation" with "docs" in the URL will not work for all pages, although it will work for some.

Portions of v18.1 Content are Available Only in the New Format

Functionality shipping with v18.1 is documented in the new system for the following products:

These teams have fully adopted our new internal authoring system. They have manually adjusted their content where automatic conversion failed. We don’t expect any formatting issues and encourage you to use the new documentation site when with these products.

UWP and Xamarin Content is Available in Previous Format Only

If you are using our UWP or Xamarin controls, note that their documentation is only available in our previous format.

What’s Next

Our Documentation and R&D teams will continue to address known conversion and formatting issues to complete the transition to a single documentation resource within a few weeks, possibly with the first v18.1 minor update. Until that time, we'll be publishing frequent fixes and updates to the new site, so don’t hesitate to report issues you encounter during use.

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