Dual Online Documentation: v18.2 Status Update

14 November 2018

About a year ago, we assigned a small R&D team to rework and improve our customers’ experience with our documentation. Six months ago, at the time of the v18.1 launch, we first published a preview of this updated resource alongside the main documentation site. That was the beginning of our temporary run with dual documentation resources. Now that v18.2 is out, here’s a look at a report on our progress and an estimate on project completion.

Two Resources Are Still Available in v18.2

  • https://documentation.devexpress.com
    This is the long-standing website, which is currently indexed by Google.
  • https://docs.devexpress.com
    This is a link to the new documentation experience that we’re currently developing. This resource includes a version switch, mobile-friendly design, and non-.NET API Reference.

Differences between the Two Versions

Content differences between the two resources are minimal. Many of you will find it most practical to use our classic documentation and its superior search capabilities. (That's the resource indexed by Google. We don't allow Google to index both, as this will lead to conflicts between the two versions.)

The new site, however, has technical advantages and boasts .NET Core, JavaScript, iOS, and Android API Reference. Review the detailed list of differences below.

documentation.devexpress.com docs.devexpress.com
Search google.com
(Google Cloud API)
Search box on
(Lucene API)
Latest Described Version v18.2 v18.2
Version Switch No v17.2 - v18.2
API Reference for
.NET Core, JavaScript, iOS & Android
No Yes
TOC Filter Box No Yes
Adaptive Design No Yes

What's Been Done Since v18.1

Here's what the team has been working on during the last release cycle.

  • Two systems now serve nearly identical content, so that you can pick one resource, and never have to switch back and forth.
  • New documentation can be compiled into an offline Visual Studio help file.
  • DevExtreme documentation's look and feel is now consistent with the new documentation resource.
  • Considerable amount of testing and bug fixes.

New Plan: We'll Switch to a Single Resource by v19.1

The new resource is now fully functional and has been well-tested during the last release cycle. Only one major task remains before we flip the switch. We need to ensure a smooth website transition with minimal effect on search optimization - something we didn’t take into account when we first announced our transition plans. The work has begun, and we expect to return to single-source documentation by the v19.1 release.

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Tomas Rimkus
Tomas Rimkus

Why expanding/collapsing items in navigation panel is not animated?

Navigation item selection animation looks broken.

And version switcher menu jumping from the bottom animation looks really weird.

15 November 2018
Zach Mauch
Zach Mauch

Will the new docs site be updated to include anything before v17.2? I'm working on getting my license renewed through the company, but I'm currently limited to 14.2.

21 November 2018
Vladimir Abadzhev (DevExpress)
Vladimir Abadzhev (DevExpress)

@Zach - we have no immediate plans to add any versions besides those currently available. We'll try to measure the demand though and will probably discuss this once again once we switch to the new system completely.

26 November 2018

It would be cool if older version were supported as well, as Zach proposed above. Many companies I know are unfortunately working with DevExpress few versions older than the current.

16 January 2019

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