Support Center – Preview the Capabilities to be Included with the Next Update

03 February 2019

We are almost ready to publish an update to our Support Center, but since this upcoming version includes a few important changes, we decided to let you preview the new functionality first. We ask that you log in to the Preview site during the next few weeks, review the changes outlined below, and let us know what you think.

Drop or Paste Images

You can now drop an image or paste it directly into the editor. You’ll see markdown while you edit the text, but you can switch to Preview to see how your text and images look together.

Add Multiple Attachments

Just as with images, you can drop as many files as you need directly onto the editor and Support Center will automatically link them to your ticket as attachments.

Easy Filter

We completely reworked the functionality of our filter panel making it simpler and more powerful at the same time. Instead of browsing a tree with dozens of categories and nested items, you can now set the necessary filter settings using a few drop-down controls. In addition to the mouse, you can also use your keyboard to find and select the necessary platform/product with ease.

Mark Useful Answers

A new “Thumbs Up” button allows you to easily mark an answer you consider useful. When you browse tickets looking for answers, you will see which answers were voted up the most.

Label Tickets

We updated the underlying data structures so you can now link a ticket to multiple products or technologies. Our support staff can do the same when we post Knowledge Base articles or Examples. This functionality ensures you'll get more relevant search results for cross-platform products, meaning you'll find answers to your questions quicker.

An Updated Theme and UX

We aimed to refresh the visual theme and optimize the UX while preserving existing workflows as much as possible, so you'll find most control elements in the same spots. Another focus point for us was complete keyboard navigation support. Do let us know if anything stands out to you in the updated interface.

Try the Sandbox Version and Let Us Know What You Think

As I mentioned above, we’ll keep the Preview version available for everyone to test for the next few weeks. To try the new functionality, use your DevExpress credentials to log in to the following website:

A few limitations make this website a sandbox:

  • All tickets have been marked as Private, which means you’ll only see Knowledge Base articles, Examples and your own questions and bug reports.
  • We ask you to continue to use the current Support Center website as the primary Support Channel. The Support Team may engage in test conversations, but we will not provide technical assistance within the Preview website.
  • The Preview website works with a snapshot of Support Center database. All the changes made on it will be reset regularly and will not make it to the database when we switch to the new version.

To share your thoughts on the new functionality, use the Post Feedback button at the top of all pages on the new website. We are eager to hear how you like the new capabilities and ready to discuss possible improvements to our implementation.

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our support services.

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