Desktop Development Survey

01 March 2019

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been soliciting feedback on features/products you’d like to see us add to our portfolio in 2019. One of our objectives next year is to refine our demo applications and incorporate relevant functionality – functionality you and your team are likely to use in your own software projects. To that end, we’ve put together a lengthy survey to help us better understand your needs.

The survey contains 8 pages:

  • Your Organization
  • Generic Development Platform Questions
  • Navigation and Layout Controls
  • Grid Controls
  • Office-Inspired Controls
  • Data Visualization and Analysis Controls
  • Reporting, Dashboard, and PDF Viewer
  • XAF

The time required to complete the survey will depend on how many DevExpress products you use and how much feedback you are willing to share, as a few questions are open-ended. You can skip the questions or pages that are not relevant to your projects.

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Thanks for all DevExpress Team !

1 March, 2019
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

I primarily write in-house applications, not commercially available applications, but I do so as a corporate employee, not a contractor or freelancer. The survey doesn't really seem to distinguish between these very well.

Additionally, I use more than one data access/business layer. I simply selected the one that is used the most in my work, although this question might benefit from multiple choice selection.

1 March, 2019
Stephen J White

I am in the same boat as Brendon Muck, I make in-house software and my organization does not plan on selling it commercially anytime soon.

I was a little disappointed that this survey did not ask any questions about the MVVM Framework for Winforms/WPF.

1 March, 2019
Brendan O'Reilly

We have a large code base of desktop WinForms (and one WPF) application still in active use (developed over the last 15 years) - but to be honest we now consider them legacy.  Any new developments (or re-development) we've started in the last 3 years have been client-side web apps (React, DevExtreme, XtraReports).

1 March, 2019
Tobias Johansson

Thanks Devexpress!

3 March, 2019
Dmitri Peredera

I can agree with Brendon Muck.

Also, there should be a theme called "use windows theme colors" and some kind of switch between dark/light theme like in other apps.

5 March, 2019
Chuck Bass

I also am an in house developer of Business/Engineering tools using data from many data sources.  

7 March, 2019

Also an in-house developer.

11 March, 2019
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Everyone, thank you for your feedback!

@Stephen J White: Please do not hesitate to contact our support team at any time if you have any questions or suggestions on our MVVM frameworks. We will be happy to help you.

@Brendan O'Reilly: It would be great to hear about how the transition from desktop to web went for you and your organization. Besides the benefits, are there are any outstanding issues and how do you cope with them?

12 March, 2019
James Bellinger 1

Please put back in support for Windows XP / .NET 4.0. We can no longer upgrade to new versions of DevExpress since you dropped support, and as a result updates to the web controls are the only part of our Universal Subscription that is of value any more.

I recognize Microsoft wants everyone to go with the newest fashion, but our customers are not all clamoring for Windows 10. It is *not* that hard to maintain support. I know because I do it. Please consider this.

19 March, 2019
Cristian Dobrota

A VCL (Delphi) app made with MVVM would be a nice gift for novice developers.

19 March, 2019
Nicolas Zaragoza 2

I've read that you have planned in the near future (19.2) to add Gantt control in WinForms, that's a very happy new!!!... Maybe, could you combine Gantt control with your charts 2D in order to create "resource use" charts as Microsoft Porject does. That will be awesome!!!... In the meantime needs to sinchronize the two controls instances. Thank you very much for your efforts!!!.

19 March, 2019
Kenny B

*** You know everyone after that true universal deployment platform, code once deploy everywhere and on to anything.

I would like to see instead of WPF or XAF or take it to the next level.

Which I consider that this future platform is: Xamarin, with CSHTML5 ( so deployment of web can also be possible with Xamarin and web.

If you can build tools that allow already written WPF / XAML and C# to extend into this medium, you may control the future of 3rd party controls. I've been with you since you wrote Delphi controls when you first came out. So Please advance to the next stage.

19 March, 2019

Although our app are custom developed and offered commercially as part of our entire product delivery we use Remote App through RDP farm so we do not have to distribute the software to customers. this sometimes renders some directx stuff irrelevant. We have had to turn the EFX off on our servers as some items do not render properly under all circumstances.

26 March, 2019

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