Web Development Survey

01 March 2019

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been soliciting feedback on features/products you’d like to see us add to our portfolio in 2019. One of our objectives next year is to refine our demo applications and incorporate relevant functionality – functionality you and your team are likely to use in your own software projects. To that end, we’ve put together a lengthy survey to help us better understand your needs.

The survey contains 10 pages:

  • Your Organization
  • Generic Development Platform Questions
  • End-User Devices
  • Themes
  • Navigation and Layout Controls
  • Grid Controls
  • Office-Inspired Controls
  • Data Visualization and Analysis Controls
  • Reporting, Dashboard, and PDF Viewer
  • XAF

The time required to complete the survey will depend on how many DevExpress products you use and how much feedback you are willing to share, as a few questions are open-ended. You can skip the questions or pages that are not relevant to your projects.

8 comment(s)
Brendan O'Reilly

In the last few years we've moved all new development from WinForms to client side web apps React/MobX using DevExtreme editor/chart wrappers (our own), and XtraReports delivered as PDFs only (no viewer).  Looking forward to dropping dependency on full .NET framework on server side (and use core only) with option to host on Linux.

1 March, 2019
Brian Smith 20

We are in the process of migrating our application from WinForms to core2.     We have our hardest screens done and are now working down this list of simpler functionality.   We have been very impressed with improved responsiveness using DevEtreme and core over the same form using asp.net mvc/ and server side DexExpress.    Our users are very demanding... our core screen typically has almost 100,000 rows of data with 80 columns ... and they want response times to mimic those they get on the desktop ...  We can never completely get the users off of winforms until we need this requirement.   DevExtreme/Core 2 has come very close.   We think we can the expectations of all but the power users with the current system.

4 March, 2019
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Brendan O'Reilly: Thank you for your feedback. It would be great to hear about how the transition from desktop to web went for you and your organization. Besides the benefits, are there are any outstanding issues and how do you cope with them?

@Brian Smith 20: Thank you for detailing your business requirements. Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you encounter any issues as you migrate from our desktop to Web components.

12 March, 2019
Leontiev Alexey

it would be good to switch to Web components as custom elements

14 March, 2019
Alex B (DevExpress)

@Alexey: Thank you for your feedback. We don't plan to support Web Components in 2019 due to low demand. We may reconsider this later. Currently, it would be great if you could share with us why you prefer them instead of React, Angular or Vue components?

14 March, 2019

please work on your subscription packages segmentation , division and listing  , what i saw in demos and documents misleads the user and doesn't really depicts what is included in a package and supported , i subscribed to a package based on all the info i got from it's Demo section plus documentation, next thing you know is that what i subscribed to is not supported, because it was only "embedded into the report and it is not possible to use it as a standalone component" ! , that was a shock , other than that the experience with your components was nice

19 March, 2019
Vladislav Kiselev

Is this survey relevant to DevExtreme components?

19 March, 2019
Vladimir Abadzhev (DevExpress)

@Vladislav Yes it is. It includes questions that ask for your preferred development platforms.

19 March, 2019

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