Web Development Survey

01 March 2019

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been soliciting feedback on features/products you’d like to see us add to our portfolio in 2019. One of our objectives next year is to refine our demo applications and incorporate relevant functionality – functionality you and your team are likely to use in your own software projects. To that end, we’ve put together a lengthy survey to help us better understand your needs.

The survey contains 10 pages:

  • Your Organization
  • Generic Development Platform Questions
  • End-User Devices
  • Themes
  • Navigation and Layout Controls
  • Grid Controls
  • Office-Inspired Controls
  • Data Visualization and Analysis Controls
  • Reporting, Dashboard, and PDF Viewer
  • XAF

The time required to complete the survey will depend on how many DevExpress products you use and how much feedback you are willing to share, as a few questions are open-ended. You can skip the questions or pages that are not relevant to your projects.

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