FREE OFFER - .NET App Security API (Role-based Access Control)

23 September 2021

Good news! As a registered user, you are entitled to a free copy of .NET Role-based Access Control & User Authentication API powered by Entity Framework (EF Core) and DevExpress eXpress Persistent Objects ORM (XPO).

This free DevExpress offer is limited to the following NuGet packages (versions 21.2.x and 22.1.x).

  • DevExpress.ExpressApp.EFCore
  • DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.EFCore
  • DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security.Xpo
  • DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.Xpo

    To download your free copy, please verify your contact information and click Register on the following page: We will forward an email message with download instructions. To update your contact information, visit the DevExpress profile management webpage.

    Note: This free offer does not apply to packages or versions not explicitly listed on this webpage.

    Our Security API in the Real World – What Your Peers Think

    David Desiderà, Solution Architect at SpecTec, successfully integrated the DevExpress Security API in a legacy WinForms app.

    David Desidera, Solution Architect at SpecTect More than one year ago I explained to my collaborators that - in my opinion - it was possible to integrate XAF's security layer with UI interface into an existing WinForms enterprise application that was 10 years old. We successfully implemented it! It took 40 man-days of job in total instead of at least 400 if I had decided to start from scratch. You guys saved my life!!

    Joche Ojeda of successfully integrated the DevExpress Security API in multiple Xamarin mobile apps (for both authorization and authentication).  To learn more about Joche’s implementation, be sure to check out the following YouTube video. 

    Joche Ojeda, CTO, One of the things I ask my customers is 'do you really want to develop a security system from scratch?' Experience tells me that when someone really wants to build a security system from scratch, it is because they have never had to build one before. Fact is that if you have built a security system from scratch, you'll definitely want to avoid it.

    For additional user comments/testimonials, please visit our  .NET Role-based Access Control & User Authentication API webpage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the .NET App Security API free for commercial use?

    Absolutely. .NET App Security API (Role-based Access Control) is available free-of-charge. To download your copy, visit:

    When you register for a free DevExpress product, you can use your registered product for as long as your needs dictate. Should an update be made available free-of-charge, you will be notified via email or this website. Updates that are issued free-of-charge can also be used indefinitely. Please refer to the DevExpress End User License Agreement for detailed licensing information.

    Is technical support included with the free .NET App Security API?

    No, this free .NET App Security API does not include technical support from DevExpress. Technical support is only available if you own the DevExpress Universal Subscription.

    How can I report bugs or share suggestions on .NET App Security API development?

    If you encounter a bug, please submit a bug report via our online support system: For suggestions to our development team, please complete our survey.

    Is the source code included in this free .NET App Security API?

    No. Component source code is not included in this offer.

    Does the use of this API in non-XAF apps require me to reference all of XAF, its UI and associated dependencies?

    No, absolutely not - you do not need to use XAF’s UI or reference XAF associated dependencies. The NuGet packages mentioned above contain non-visual cross-platform .NET Standard 2.0+ assemblies - compatible with .NET Core/.NET 5+ apps.

    How can I install all required dependencies?

    The fastest way to install all required dependencies is to use the following DevExpress NuGet packages:

    • EF Core: DevExpress.ExpressApp.EFCore and DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.EFCore
    • XPO: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security.Xpo and DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.Xpo

    You can also download and run our unified installers for .NET Framework and .NET Core. The installer will copy all required assemblies to "c:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress XX.X" and register local NuGet package sources. Note: *.BaseImpl.* assemblies are required only if you use built-in PermissionPolicyXXX classes.

    Where can I find technical information and an API reference?

    The best place to start is our Security API Technical FAQ. To learn how to use the DevExpress .NET Role-based Access Control & User Authentication API in your application, explore our GitHub examplesonline documentation, or tutorial videos (you can also search our extensive support database).

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