Localizing Your DevExpress-powered .NET App – Complete the Survey to Help Shape Our Development Strategy

27 January 2022

As you may recall from my recent blog post, our Unified Component Installer will soon include an option to install localized resources for certain languages (DE, ES, JA, RU). We will not install these resources by default – you can install them at your discretion. NOTE: based on actual usage, we may completely remove these localization resources from the Unified Component Installer in favor of the DevExpress Localization Service.

If you localize your apps OR plan to create multilingual apps...

We hope to validate a few more hypotheses about our Localization Service, Unified Component Installer, overall localization quality, and ways to translate strings in general. To help us finalize our 2022 development strategy in this regard, please complete the survey below. Your feedback is crucial.

If you have only English-speaking clients OR English is sufficient for your international clients, please skip this survey.

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