Web API — New Code Examples on CRUD Operations Using OData Query Options, JWT and OAuth2 Authentication

13 July 2023

Last week we received the following feedback for two specific help topics:  Consume the Web API from .NET and Create Custom Endpoints:

"#1 documentation on OData after Microsoft!"

These help topics are also the most popular within the DevExpress Web API Service documentation category. The reasons for their popularity are simple:

  • Good ol' ASP.NET Core OData is not dead (despite GraphQL or gRPC). ASP.NET Core OData remains a good option for those wanting to build REST API services quickly, especially if you require flexible filtering, grouping, paging options out-of-the-box.
  • These help topics contain more than 30 code examples for popular CRUD- related usage scenarios (using OData and authentication settings with JWT and OAuth2). As you probably know, OData also seamlessly supports Microsoft EF Core, DevExpress XPO ORM, and other data access technologies, so all OData query options are ORM-agnostic.
  • These help topics are helpful to everyone who consume REST API services powered by OData for any UI frontend/technology, including .NET desktop, ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly, JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue, Svelte) and many others (even if you are not using a DevExpress products).

We are happy that our customers recognize the work we put into our backend Web API Service product and associated learning materials. Frankly speaking, we often refer to this documentation ourselves for reference instead of official Microsoft docs :-)

Getting Started with the DevExpress Web API Service

If you are not familiar with our "1-Click" solution for CRUD Web API Services (with role-based access control), please review the following getting started articles at your convenience: 

You can go from zero to a running Swagger UI with built-in authentication, role-based access control, audit trail, validation, localization, file attachments, reports, etc. within minutes. This GitHub repo contains dozens of executable demos for various UI platforms, including recent updates for Blazor WebAssembly and .NET MAUI, JavaScript with Svelte.

You can get your free copy of our .NET App Security Library & Web API Service here: https://www.devexpress.com/security-api-free. If you are interested in advanced features available to paid DevExpress Subscribers  (requires the Universal Subscription), please refer to the following help topic.

We extend the capabilities of our Web API Service on a regular basis. For more information on recent updates, please review the following: What's New in v23.1 or take our software development survey.

Your Feedback Matters

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Dennis Garavsky
Principal Product Manager

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