.NET Conf 2023 Starts Tomorrow! Nov. 14 - 16

13 November 2023

DevExpress is once again sponsoring .NET Conf this year with lots of big prizes and news coming over the next couple days. Celebrate and learn about what you can do with the release of .NET 8. Also, join us for the always exciting virtual attendee CodeParty Tuesday, November 14 from 5:15 - 6:15 PM PST. Join Jeff Fritz and special guests for fun and major prize giveaways, brought to you by DevExpress and other .NET Conf sponsors...it should be a blast. 

You can also win giveaways via the Swag Bag and via the Secret Decoder Challenge. Solve all the clues and enter to win! You can get started with the DevExpress clue here

Plus, if you don't know, but you should if you follow our blogs ;) we have started an official DevExpress Twitch channel. Don is building a Blazor app from scratch, Gregory is showing off our DevExtreme DataGrid for React and Areg Yeghnazar is working with Blazor Reporting.  Why do I bring this up you ask? Well, tomorrow morning @ 10 AM PST, directly after the Full Stack Web UI with Blazor in .NET 8 session, Carl Franklin and Don Wibier will be live on our Twitch channel and our YouTube channel, discussing that very session, plus interesting stuff they heard in the opening session.   So, if you want to hear their hot take, join us there! 

 Enjoy .NET Conf 2023!

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