Comprehensive Documentation for Blazor Deployments: Linux and Windows, IIS and Nginx, Cloud and On-Premise, SQL Server and PostreSQL

04 December 2023

Inner Motivation or Value to Users


  • The Microsoft deployment documentation is a nice start for advanced users, but tend to be quite generic/incomplete for newbies or users without deep knowledge of specific tech like ASP.NET Core Blazor, Azure, Linux, nginx, etc. We have confirmed this viewpoint dozens of times, because our users will use our Support Center for help with standard aspects of Microsoft ASP.NET deployment and different configurations. Many of these aspects are general-programming topics, totally unrelated to DevExpress products.
  • When some of our users encounter an issue during deployment, they're not sure whether this is caused by DevExpress code or some external software, environment settings, and other things unrelated to our products. From our support experience over the years, the vast majority of deployment issues are caused by project or environment misconfigurations and were unrelated to DevExpress directly. Most often the problems tend to be for Linux, nginx, and Azure.

Our Solution

  • We have created new step-by-step deployment instructions with screenshots, exact CLI commands, and so on, with some important notes and troubleshooting observations. These instructions cover the most popular configurations based on the surveys and Support Center tickets we have analyzed.
  • We routinely (and rigorously!) test our development products in various deployment environments internally (Windows, Linux, Azure, etc.). We also have online demos like, which can be used as a reference or "proof" by customers (our demos and tests have always existed and they are not something new).

Step-by-Step Deployment Instructions and Troubleshooting Guidelines

We expect that these guidelines will reduce the number of deployment issues for our customers, whether they are using DevExpress products or not. I recommend that you mark these links as Favorites in your web browser.

NOTE: even though these instructions refer to our XAF - Cross-Platform .NET App UI (powered by Blazor and WinForms), they still apply to non-XAF or any ASP.NET Core Blazor apps. We also recommend that you follow these tutorials with v23.2 and newer, because our products support .NET 8 RTM in this version.

Bonus: Kubernetes and Load Testing Examples 

You may find these additional community resources helpful for advanced deployment scenarios:

Your Feedback Matters

Because the number of apps deployed on non-Windows machines continues to increase, improving developer experience in this regard is a high priority for multiple development teams at DevExpress. This is not a trivial undertaking and your feedback on this matter is very important. 

If cross-platform development is of importance to you, please take a moment to complete the survey below (about Docker and VS Code) and also help us shape the future of our VS Code Extension for Reporting (Create and Modify DevExpress Reports in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) on macOS and Linux (CTP)).  

Dennis Garavsky
Principal Product Manager 

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