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Important Changes to the DevExpress.Data and Other Assemblies for .NET Core 3, .NET Standard, .NET Framework Apps (v20.1)
.NET Core 3.1 Support for ASP.NET Core, WinForms, and WPF Controls (v19.2.5)
DevExpress UI for .NET Core Roadmap 2020 (Desktop and Web) – Your Opinion Counts
Visual Studio 2019 Support
Desktop Development Survey
DirectX Rendering in WinForms Controls: An Update
WinForms File Dialogs with Skin/Theme Support (v17.2)
WinForms Command Glyphs in DPI-Aware Applications (v17.2)
WinForms Lookup Controls – Which Lookup to Use in Your Next WinForms Project
The Bezier Skin: Re-imagining WinForms Themes with Vector Graphics (Available in v17.2)
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