It's Official: "Document Server" is Now "Office File API"

A big part of our .NET product line is a non-visual library that allows you to create, modify, and convert office documents in RTF, DOC, XLS, PDF formats, to name a few. In the past, we used different names to refer to the library, such as “Document Server”, “Document Automation”, or “Office File Generation”. With our latest site re-design, we made a change toward clear and consistent naming.

The new official name is “Office File API Subscription”. Those who own the product will see the change applied on Purchase History and Download pages. And when the time comes to renew the subscription, you’ll see the new name too.

The Support Center reflects the change with the following new parent node name and sub-filters:

Old Name New Name
Document Server Subscription Office File API Subscription
Spreadsheet Document Server Spreadsheet Document API
XL Export Library Excel Export Library
Rich Edit Document Server Word Processing Document API
PDF Document Processor PDF Document API
Snap Document Server Snap Report API
Barcode Generation Library Barcode Generation API
Compression and Archive Generation Zip Compression and Archive API
Unit Conversion Unit Conversion API


Office File API remains available as part of the Universal Subscription and can be purchased separately for $599.99. To learn more about the library’s capabilities, to download a free trial or review pricing and renewal options in detail, visit the product’s landing page at:

3 comment(s)
Randy Jean

This is a much better name for this product!

11 May, 2018
Mr. Tran Van Manh

I hope it will Support for .NetCore and Devextreme

17 September, 2018
Mr. Tran Van Manh

I hope it will Support for .NetCore and Devextreme

17 September, 2018

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