PDF Document API - Visual Signatures (v18.2)

17 October 2018

As you may already know, the PDF Document API provides the capability to sign documents. With our upcoming release, users will get the ability to insert visual signatures into the documents. 

What Are Visual Signatures?

Visual signatures are document widgets that link digital signatures with logos, photos and text. Users can embed these visuals into documents to help readers see who signed the PDF and to obtain additional non-visual signature data. 

How to Create a Visual Signature

You can create a visual signature using one of the PdfSignature constructor overloads that takes 4 arguments. You need to specify a certificate, a signature image data, the page number where the image should be added and signature bounds. 

using (PdfDocumentProcessor documentProcessor = new PdfDocumentProcessor()) {


  var certificate = new X509Certificate2("Cetrtificate.pfx", "dxdemo");

  var imageData = File.ReadAllBytes("Signature.png");

  var signature = new PdfSignature(certificate, imageData,
    1, new PdfRectangle(120, 210, 250, 390));

  signature.Location = "USA";
  signature.ContactInfo = "john.smith@example.com";
  signature.Reason = "Approved";

  var saveOptions = new PdfSaveOptions() { Signature = signature };

  documentProcessor.SaveDocument("SignedDocument.pdf", saveOptions);

As usual, we appreciate any feedback. Please tell us in the comments below or contact us at officeteam@devexpress.com. It would also help us if you could answer a question in this survey. 

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B Jansen

Do you also provide the capability to add a TSA TimeStamp to the signature? (en.wikipedia.org/.../Trusted_timestamping)

17 October, 2018
Mohamed Bengeloune


will this api be available for VCL 18.2


17 October, 2018
Alfred Rakgole 2


17 October, 2018
Robert Marks


17 October, 2018
Anders Wang

Does it be visible immediately after open the pdf file with your pdfviewer? In the left Panel or on the Top/Bottom floating bar to showing the Visual Signatures?

17 October, 2018
Damon (DevExpress)

@B Jansen: No, we do not provide the capability to add trusted timestamps to digital signatures.

@Robert Marks: You can use our PDF Document API in your ASP.NET and XAF projects. For more information, please refer to: docs.devexpress.com/.../index

@Anders Wang: At present, our PDF Viewer does not have a signature pane. You can see visual signatures only on document pages. 

17 October, 2018
Gregory (DevExpress)

@Mohamed Bengeloune: In 18.2, VCL PDF Viewer will not have the capability to sign PDF documents.

18 October, 2018
Eric Upton 1

Does this update allow for multiple signatures in a pdf document?

18 October, 2018
Jeff Stiegler

This is fantastic!

18 October, 2018
Anders Wang

@Damon, Hi, but we need the PDFViewer to display it, i found in the support centre, there're also many people request this for many years.

In addition, @B Jansen, we also need trusted timestamps to digital signatures, they should be present together which is included in RFC 3161

18 October, 2018
Damon (DevExpress)

@Eric Upton: We definitely plan to move in this direction. The capability to add multiple signatures requires support for several versions of the same document in a single PDF file. At present, our PDF engine has no such support. Implementation of this functionality will take some time, and we cannot provide precise estimate when it will be completed.

19 October, 2018

Having the ability to annotate a document should be considered for future addition.

19 October, 2018

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