Word Processing - Rendering Enhancements (v18.2)

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09 November 2018

With this release (v18.2), we have enhanced the rendering abilities of our Rich Text Editor control (for both WinForms and WPF) and Word Processing Document API. New features/capabilities include the following: 

Right-To-Left Text Direction Support

As some of you already know, the DevExpress Rich Text Editor and Word Processing Document API now supports RTL languages (right-to-left text direction).  


New implementation allows you to view documents with all shape types: from simple lines and rectangles, to complex shapes with advanced effects. You can change a shape’s fill and outline colors using the Rich Text Editor’s (WinForms and WPF) built-in UI elements. 

Paragraph Borders

We now give you the ability to display paragraph borders. You can render documents with paragraph borders as needed. 

Let us know your thoughts

Your feedback is valuable. What do you think about these new features? How likely are you to use them in an upcoming project? Feel free to make new suggestions using the DevExpress Support Center or in the comments below. 

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