.NET Word Processing — RTL Enhancements

Over our last two release cycles, we’ve significantly improved right-to-left text handling within our WinForms Rich Text Editor, WPF Rich Text Editor and Word Processing Document API. This blog post summarizes what we’ve delivered to date.


With this release, we upgraded undo/redo operations, caret navigation in bidirectional paragraphs and implemented the following enhancements to all our word processing components:

  1. Support for dir=”rtl” HTML tag (import and export).
  2. RightToLeft option for paragraphs, paragraph styles, tables, sections and comments in API.
  3. Text Direction for user interface elements (Command UI and dialogs).
  4. Introduced new numbering formats (ArabicAbjad, ArabicAlpha, Hebrew1, Hebrew2) within the API (the ListLevel.NumberingFormat property) and component UI.
  5. Updated Rulers for right-to-left paragraphs.

v19.1 ships with the following new enhancements:

Paragraph Alignment Types

New paragraph alignment options for Arabic text (Justify High, Justify Medium, Justify Low). You can change alignment in code using the Alignment property. The Rich Text Editor for WinForms and WPF also provides new UI elements for language packs installed on a given machine.

Command UI items for paragraph properties (indents, bulleted, numbered and multilevel lists) now adjust to the direction of a focused paragraph.

Line Numbering

We improved line numbering for right-to-left paragraphs. Numbers now change location based on a sections’s direction. You can print and export (to PDF) right-to-left text with line numbering.

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