Upcoming classroom training events: Reports, XAF, ASP.NET and WinForms

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26 June 2013

The first half of 2013 is over - amazing how time flies! The first training classes we arranged for this year were a great success, thanks to all of you who attended in Los Angeles and Bad Ems, Germany! 

We have now published several additional events for the second half of 2013. Up first, September 4-6, is a new Reporting class with Seth Juarez:

Reports Training Event (USA)

This class covers the three essential concepts when creating reports: Data Acquisition and Shaping, Report Layout, Formatting, and Styling and Report Visualization and Editing.

The goal of this training class is to provide the necessary knowledge so you can deliver information rich reports using the DevExpress Reporting platform and to answer any questions you encounter before and during the class. The time limit of the 3-day class is the only restriction on the depth of coverage.

The Reports class takes place in the DevExpress offices in Los Angeles. Please follow this link for all the Reports class details, including a syllabus of the content, and to register!

The next class is a European event: October 7-11 for XAF, in a new location in Germany. I will teach this myself, and the class will be in English language as usual - important to stress in Europe!

XAF Training Event (Europe)

This class covers the eXpressApp Framework as completely as possible in the timeframe. The target is to enable you to create your own XAF based applications, and to answer any questions you have. XAF is a large product that includes many modules and targets two different platforms - the one-week timeframe of the course is the only limit on the depth of coverage!

If you are interested in XAF, follow this link for XAF class details, syllabus and registration information.

For the end of 2013, I will be in Las Vegas for two training events, covering our WinForms and ASP.NET product suites. Both classes take place in one week, making combinations possible!

WinForms Training Event (USA)

This class provides an in-depth look at the DevExpress DXperience WinForms suite of products. You will observe the process of creating a business application that utilizes a typical subset of components, covering the composition of a UI, navigation topics, as well as data editing, display and analysis. Hands-on labs are provided throughout the class, enabling you to practice what you've seen, and encouraging exploration and questions. You will leave with the knowledge that you can easily create similar business applications yourself.

Here are details, syllabus and registration information for the WinForms class.

ASP.NET Training Event (USA)

This class provides an in-depth look at the DevExpress DXperience ASP.NET suite of products, focusing on the WebForms components, and providing an introduction to the related ASP.NET MVC Extensions. During the process of creating a business application for the ASP.NET platform, you will observe the creation of UIs both for public consumption and internal use. Special areas of attention are navigation features and all topics around data viewing, editing and analysis. You will gather your own experience working with the products in hands-on labs during the class. Questions are of course encouraged!

This class has 4 extra hours of time scheduled in the evenings, for a total of 2.5 course days!

Click here for ASP.NET class details, syllabus and registration information.

We may have more news before long - stay tuned to this blog, and make sure you let us know your priorities concerning training by commenting here or sending me email!

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