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October 2013 - Posts

  • WebTech Conference 2013 / IPC

    This week I have the privilege of speaking at the WebTech Conference, combined with the International PHP Conference, in Munich, Germany. The organizers have a number of great events in Germany, but I hadn't been to this one before - so far it was a very interesting conference, and one more day is still to come! 

    At DevExpress, we have a number of products now that target developers on the HTML/JS platforms, plus of course the more traditional server-side web technologies. With our DevExtreme, PhoneJS and ChartJS products, we have some interesting contenders for those who write HTML/JS applications, especially so for the mobile sector. TestCafe is our testing tool which also aims at the same market. I had an opportunity to talk to a number of developers here and explain and demonstrate our ideas. This is valuable to us, because the feedback we can gather this way is passed on directly to our development teams. The more we can learn about your priorities in these technical areas, the better. If you are currently at WTC/IPC and you see me somewhere, let's have a chat about what you do!

    I'm doing two presentations at the event. Yesterday, I spoke about modularization patterns applicable to large JavaScript codebases, and it was great to see the level of interest in the topic. Thanks to everybody who was there, especially the guys who camped out on the floor in the back of the room! 

    Today I'm up for my second presentation at 3pm: Node.js, Socket.IO and Knockout - A Hybrid Architecture. This talk takes place in Forum 14 and I hope to see more of you there!

  • The final few seats are going for WinForms and ASP.NET

    Another six weeks now and I'll be in Las Vegas for two training classes on our WinForms and ASP.NET WebForms component suites. These have been previously announced, but you can find the abstracts again below. 

    We have a few seats remaining in each class at this time, but I'm sure it won't last much longer. So count this as your heads-up if you're interested in either or both of these events - I'm looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! And of course feel free to contact either myself or our general training information email if you have any questions we can help you with before the classes.

    Here are the summaries for the two events. Please follow the links for all the details.

    WinForms Training Event

    This class provides an in-depth look at the DevExpress DXperience WinForms suite of products. You will observe the process of creating a business application that utilizes a typical subset of components, covering the composition of a UI, navigation topics, as well as data editing, display and analysis. Hands-on labs are provided throughout the class, enabling you to practice what you've seen, and encouraging exploration and questions. You will leave with the knowledge that you can easily create similar business applications yourself.

    Here are details, syllabus and registration information for the WinForms class.

    ASP.NET Training Event

    This class provides an in-depth look at the DevExpress DXperience ASP.NET suite of products, focusing on the WebForms components, and providing an introduction to the related ASP.NET MVC Extensions. During the process of creating a business application for the ASP.NET platform, you will observe the creation of UIs both for public consumption and internal use. Special areas of attention are navigation features and all topics around data viewing, editing and analysis. You will gather your own experience working with the products in hands-on labs during the class. Questions are of course encouraged!

    This class has 4 extra hours of time scheduled in the evenings, for a total of 2.5 course days!

    Click here for ASP.NET class details, syllabus and registration information.


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