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  • New training events announced for the first half of 2014

    We have just announced several new training events for the next few months. This is the largest lineup yet, with seven classes coming up between now and early June, in the US and Europe.

    March: WinForms and ASP.NET classes in New York

    We have listened to requests from many of our customers, and we're targeting a new location with these two events in March 2014. The classes are also revised for our 13.2 release, and for ASP.NET we target 3 days now instead of the traditional 2-day length. For details on the classes, download syllabus documents and to sign up directly, please use these links:

    WinForms Training Event USA March 2014

    ASP.NET Training Event USA March 2014

    April: Reports and Analytics class in Los Angeles

    Seth is the trainer for this course, slightly extended in comparison with previous iterations, and including additional content on our data analytics products. The class takes place in the DevExpress offices in Los Angeles,  giving you a unique opportunity to see our LA-based guys at work. I can't promise anything in this regard, but usually you'll have a chance to meet up with a few of them as well! Here's the link for details, syllabus and sign-up:

    Reports and Analytics Training Event USA April 2014

    April: WinForms and ASP.NET classes in Bad Ems, Germany

    Our trusty old location for the whole of Europe. Bad Ems is quite central in Germany and easy to reach from Frankfurt International Airport. We usually have mixed groups here from all around the world, and the class language is English. The classes have the same updated content as the March events in New York, and they are also 3 days each. Here are the links for details, syllabus and sign-up:

    WinForms Training Event Europe April 2014

    ASP.NET Training Event Europe April 2014

    May: XAF class in Los Angeles

    Only the second time we're bringing an XAF class to the US, this time it'll take place in the DevExpress offices in Los Angeles. An entire week of content, covering a large part of the functionality provided by our XAF application framework. Click this link to see all the details and the class syllabus, and to sign up:

    XAF Training Event USA May 2014

    June: XAF class in Bad Ems, Germany

    A whole week of XAF for Europe based customers, in our much appreciated location in Bad Ems, Germany. An international audience gathers here for this English language class. Here are all the details for this event, the class syllabus and the sign-up form:

    XAF Training Event Europe June 2014

    You can see the complete overview of all courses we currently offer by going to this URL. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us email at training@devexpress.com. I'm looking forward to seeing you at one or more of the upcoming events!


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