dotnet Cologne 2014 - Thanks for seeing us there!

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09 May 2014

John and I were in Cologne, Germany yesterday for the annual dotnet Cologne event. It was great: a day of high quality technical sessions  and community networking. The organizers did a great job setting everything up in the Media Park, a very nice location I hadn't seen before. Only the weather wasn't up to scratch, but perhaps that was a good thing for the attendence numbers!

I presented two sessions here myself, which were well attended - thank you very much to all of you who were there! If you would like to check out the samples and slides I was using for my presentation, please use the following links:

Creepy C#

Modern C# is Non-Linear

Here's also a big thank-you to those who visited us at our booth! As always, it was interesting to see and hear the priorities you have in your development work today, and I usually learn something new when I talk to customers at events, since everybody's perspective is different. For example, it's interesting to see how many developers in Europe still focus very much on client development - HTML is mainly interesting if it comes in the version-5-combined-with-js variety.

There were more than a few questions about our support for client development on an HTML/JS/CSS platform, outside the mobile environments targeted by DevExtreme so far. I explained that  our upcoming 14.1 release brings advanced controls to the table and targets general purpose application developers using HTML/JS. As a follow-up, here is a blog post on our new HTML 5 data grid, which will be available soon.

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