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02 April 2015

When I first set out to teach our customers the use of our products, back in 2010, the world of programming was different from today. This is  particularly true for Web programming, which has evolved to cover various new platforms, devices and architectures. JavaScript has become a much more important language and environment than it was in the past, and for Web programmers using Microsoft technologies, ASP.NET MVC has grown into a versatile und ubiquitous system.

At the same time, some things have remained the same. Our customers, like many in the Microsoft space, have made great investments in Web technology on the basis of ASP.NET WebForms, and our products for that platform have been in continuous development for over a decade now.

The first training course I created back in 2010 targeted our ASP.NET customers, and in June 2015 I will teach an ASP.NET course again. This course covers the process of creating and maintaining applications on the WebForms platform, utilizing DevExpress component technology. The topic is a typical business application - by the way, a general description that still means more or less the same today as it did in 2010. Within the environment defined by the parameters of WebForms - server side rendering, strong state retention mechanisms - this is a modern application that can target any browser or mobile device.

As an addition I made more recently, you will also learn in this course how to make use of the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC extensions, which bring the same set of components to the MVC world and its Razor views.

Here are the details of the ASP.NET event:

Location: Las Vegas (Hard Rock Hotel)

Dates: June 15-17 2015

For details and sign-up options click here

New course: WPF

For programmers of client side applications, the world hasn't been any less turbulent in recent years. I have covered Windows Forms in our courses for years now, and in spite of all the developments towards other client platforms, this has remained a viable alternative for many. However, XAML has turned out to be a stable and consistent technology to describe UI, and most of our customers have dabbled with it - perhaps even in Silverlight, or WinRT, but more likely in WPF.

It has taken a very long time, perhaps surprisingly so in the face of all its great promises, but WPF appears to be the most common choice these days for applications that need to be "native". WPF delivers a powerful UI experience built on a highly productive developer environment, and the DevExpress component suite is just as feature complete here as it is for any other .NET UI platform.

In June 2015, I will teach the inaugural DevExpress WPF course, along similar conceptual lines as other courses. Business applications are once more the focus, with their complex requirements: application architecture, navigation, data visualization and interactive editing, document generation and others.

These are the details of the WPF course:

Location: Las Vegas (Hard Rock Hotel)

Dates: June 10-12 2015

For details and sign-up options click here

And a last thing to mention: we offer the same courses in Europe as well, in October 2015. Click here for a complete overview of all classes we have announced for this year. 

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