ASP.NET MVC Class in Europe - June 2016

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28 January 2016

The first classroom training we ever did at DevExpress was an ASP.NET class. This was back in 2009, and even though ASP.NET MVC had already been released then, it wasn't widely used (and that's a very polite way of putting it!). Gradually, we phased MVC content in for our class over the years, as we saw you, our customers, pick it up. Of course that is, in the end, our yardstick: since our classes cover our own products, we need to judge platform adoption by looking at the level of excitement in our customer base.

For a while now I have felt that a threshold has been reached: it doesn't make sense anymore to pretend that MVC is just a module in a different-topic class. It needs its own dedicated content, much more than it had so far, it needs its own events. Of course, with Microsoft's own developments of recent times, there are now various topics relevant to MVC developers that are of no concern to those on the WebForms platform - ASP.NET Core is the way forward for MVC and an important topic to be interested in right around now.

So, here it is: the first DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Class

As usual, the target audience of this class is international and the class language is English. All the details are available by following the link just above, including a syllabus for the class. If you have any questions, please ask - or see below!

What's the class content?

The class covers several of our ASP.NET MVC products, to varying degrees. It starts at the beginning, so you don't need much experience. There are presentation parts in the class as well as lots of practice tasks - plus of course the opportunity to ask questions and meet other DevExpress users! If you have questions about the content or the format of the class, or you aren't sure whether it's the right thing for you, please check out the class details and feel free to send us email.

When does it take place and what's the time schedule?

June 29 to July 1 2016 - three days, 9am to 5pm the first two days and roughly 9am to 3pm on the last day. There are breaks of course, so overall this comes to a scheduled total length of 16.5 hours.

And the location?

The class takes place at Häcker's Grand Hotel in Bad Ems, Germany. The location is easy to reach for customers in Germany as well as all those flying in from Europe (or indeed elsewhere!) into Frankfurt am Main airport (FRA). 

Isn't Bad Ems kind of hard to reach? I checked out Google Maps and now I'm scared!

Yeah, we've heard that before. It's not really true though! We have literally helped thousands of training class attendees reach Bad Ems in the past and we will gladly help you sort out travel arrangements or even do it for you. Feel free to get in touch and ask about it!

Sounds great, sign me up!

Excellent! Please follow this link and fill in the form at the bottom of the page. We will get back to you as soon as possible - and see you in Bad Ems! (By the way - I really recommend to go for the complete package and stay at the hotel. It's a great place, and the majority of our attendees usually stay there, which offers you a great opportunity to spend time with others who also use our products. A great additional benefit of a classroom training event!)

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