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21 October 2016

We have had numerous requests recently to make the source code that is shown and created in our online video training courses available to customers. I'm proud to announce that we have now made this step!

When you access an individual training video, there is now a button above the player that allows you to download a sample project zip file relevant to that video:

Online Training - Download Project

The zip file actually contains two projects in many cases: a starting point and an end point project. For videos where a new project is created from scratch, there is only the end point. Here's what the extracted hierarchy looks like for the WinForms demo about MDI menu and toolbar merging:

Online Training - Downloaded Project Structure

The "start" folder contains the solution in the state used at the beginning of the video, and the "final" folder holds the same solution with the changes applied that are demonstrated in the video.

With this structure, you can start from the beginning and reproduce the steps shown in the video, or you can just look at the final version of the code to see the results right away. This is a great added value to our online video classes!

As an additional option, you can download a package containing all video-specific sample projects for a class from a button on the overview page for the class:

Online Training - Download Projects for Entire Course

Source code is now available for all online video training classes, and if you are a current subscriber, you can find it by accessing your subscribed classes from the Training Center. If you are not a subscriber yet, you can also go to the Training Center to get access today!

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Oliver's Blog

Back in October 2016, I announced the availability of sample project source code to accompany our online

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