Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

React Data Grid - Tree Data and Banded Columns (v1.2)
DevExtreme - New React Wrappers vs Native React Components (v18.1)
DevExtreme Angular - Server Side Rendering Support (v18.1)
React Data Grid v1.1.0 is available
Announcing React Data Grid Version 1.0
Announcing a React Data Grid Release Candidate
Scale (Axis) Breaks with DevExtreme HTML5 Chart and Range Selector (v17.2)
Localization, Formatting and Mask Improvements for DevExtreme HTML5 Widgets (v17.2)
Improvements to DevExtreme HTML5 Chart Date/Time Axis (v17.2)
Pyramid Charts with the DevExtreme HTML5 Funnel Chart Widget (v17.2)
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