It's the little things - Project Upgrade Prompt

28 March 2013

How often do we miss out on the little things? The sprinkles, or the spit and polish?

I was asked to take a look at a project recently, one that had been shelved a few months before. After opening Visual Studio and the project, I was presented with the following:




I smiled, I love the fact that without me having to go off and find the upgrade wizard (which is still available under the DevExpress menu) I am reminded that the project is not running the latest libraries.

A couple of quick clicks later and my project is up to date. Just as important, I may not want to upgrade, so I like being put in control, given the choice, but gently reminded that Project-X is not on the latest version.

Over the years I have had very little trouble running upgrades between versions, and certainly the minor (or service releases) updates are seamless.

It is however worth checking out the 'Breaking Changes' link after you install the latest version to ensure there are no surprises :)

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Nate Laff


28 March, 2013
Alistair McFadyen

Any tips for updating live installs of Devexpress ASP.NET solutions? It can be a pain to have to go and find all the relevant dll's, delete the originals & upload the replacements, as well as the updated .asp files, and of course it brings the site down, if only for a few minutes.

29 March, 2013
Jim Foye

Great, but how about it can copy the new DLLs to the \Lib folder (or whatever) that I am using (after prompting, of course), instead of resetting the paths to the Devex installation folder. I have to do this manually now. Takes a lot of the fun out of this helpful prompt.

29 March, 2013
Cesar Augusto

Yeah, that little things make the difference!

5 April, 2013
Tomas Juricek 3443

Nice, but: When I first saw this form, I wondered: What is this dialog? I don't know. No title, no name  of product? Ahh, this will be DevExpress ! I guess by version number :-)

So it would be very useful to place name "DevExpress" on form.

23 April, 2013

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