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28 August 2013

It’s been a little while since I presented on our mobile and multi-platform tools, so I decided that for this webinar we would embark on creating an application that could do a couple of cool things…

1. Retrieve data from a commercial web service using OData.

2. Access the hardware layer of the mobile devices, specifically location services.

3. Take a look at the new way DevExtreme assists in App store packaging.

Inside the usual hour, I will create the application from scratch, target the popular 3 OS’s (iOS, WM8, Andriod), and finish with a product that will allow me to find specific types of businesses in a given area, then show the business and my location on a map. Join me for an hour of intrigue as I delve deeper into the DevExtreme framework.

All you need to do is visit the Webinars page and register. This is scheduled for September 10, at 10am, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7).

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richard morris
richard morris

One thing I am very interested in - is building apps that require no internet connectivity to run.  

I should probably spend time learning more about HTML5 local databases, but I am generally interested in the topics of self contained applications.

28 August 2013

I would like to see a full add/edit/delete mobile app picking data from a remote web service using OData.

2 September 2013
Del W
Del W

Is this going to be on the YouTube channel when done? I have no time at right now to watch it live.

3 September 2013

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