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24 April 2014

testcafe-logoWe all understand the importance of a good testing framework, Test Driven Development (TDD) significantly reduces the maintenance cost of software and provides for cleaner, tidier code, but what about the UI elements of a web site or HTML5/JS Application? what’s involved in running tests on different browsers, different operating systems and devices? 

Quite simply the quickest easiest testing tool I have ever used.  You can download, install and start creating tests on any browser, any operating system in less than 15 minutes!

On May 19 I will demonstrate:

- how quickly TestCafe can be deployed

- the simplicity of recording actions with the visual recording tools

- the no nonsense API

- script editing directly in the browser

- true independence as Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari all play host

Register for the webinar here, why not download TestCafe now and experience web testing made easy!

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