Real World Applications : consuming WCF with DevExtreme Mobile

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04 October 2014

** UPDATE **

As promised in the webinar, here is a link to the project we created

Download here

One question I often receive – “How do I connect to our existing web service with DevExtreme?”, It’s not always possible to whip up a new Web API solution for existing back-end services, so is it possible to consume data in xml form using our cross-platform solution? – in short – YES :-)

In fact the question was asked so often, I decided to enlist the help of our resident JavaScript expert and CTO – Julian M Bucknall, and together we are going to demonstrate and build a DevExtreme mobile solution that talks to some old-school services. This will include how to pass through authentication, the use of one of my favourite tools for testing WCF, as well as checking responses from a web service and of course how to then display some of that information inside your DevExtreme application.  We will also discuss cross-site scripting and some of the basic settings you can use before having to re-write any services.

Join Julian and I on October 21 for a fun filled, fast paced look at how DevExpress can help solve real world problems.

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