Priming for WPF and the DevExpress MVVM Framework

Paul Usher's Blog
09 March 2015

WPF is the desktop choice for the future! There are so many reasons to support that statement, starting with resolution independent UI all the way through to support for MVVM. However getting to grips with some of the concepts is not the easiest thing in the world. To help discover some of the principles behind this powerful platform I have started to present a series of webinars, the first one (last week), took a 1,000ft view of what WPF was and where it’s heading. This week I’m going to explain how to use the DevExpress MVVM Framework to quickly create stunning WPF applications. We’ll also look at some of the headline controls from the DevExpress WPF suite. 

If you haven’t already registered, head on over to the Webinars page.

Part 1 is available via our YouTube Channel.

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