BI: Dashboards and Reporting – webinar

15 April 2016


With so much information at hand in todays fast paced world of technology, it’s sometimes hard to make sense of it all. How many times have you been provided a spreadsheet that someone has painstakingly assembled from 100’s if not 1,000’s of rows of data, manually dissecting ranges, collating figures and building charts? Imagine a world where not only makes this obsolete, but also provides you with a way of looking at the data differently, just with a few mouse clicks. But, I hear you say, that might work if you have access to the corporate SQL Server, and you only have some obscure web service set up eons ago. Well friends, fear not, wether it be direct to the server, import files or other sources, the DevExpress Dashboard and Reporting tools can provide you with a number of ways to view and analyse your data ready for the next management meeting.  On Tuesday April 19, Julian Bucknall and I will show you how to get started with all the tools required to achieve some stunning results. In a one hour presentation we will cover

  • End User Dashboard / Report Designers
  • Building for other data sources
  • How to update configurations at run time
  • How to build dynamic web pages that detect presence of dashboard files
  • Sneak preview of the Web Dashboard Designer

As always, the presentation will offer you the chance to ask your questions in real time, and the recording will be available via our Youtube channel.  If you’ve ever wondered how you can achieve some stunning, dynamic, interactive dashboards then register yourself for the presentation…

UPDATE: the webinar is available here

5 comment(s)
Mark Couvaras

Great control, the best I have seen yet, only thing missing is a WPF version. Not too keen on embedding a Winforms host control...feels like a hack.

Will there ever be a WPF equivalent?

18 April, 2016
Maxim (DevExpress Support)

Hello Mark 

We appreciate your feedback about the Dashboard Suite. Though we do not have immediate plans to implement the dashboard control for WPF, we will keep this request on our radar. Thank you kindly for your input.

19 April, 2016
Thorsten Hagelstein 3

Will the webinar be downloadable?

21 April, 2016
Paul Usher (DevExpress)

I've updated the blog post to include the link :)

21 April, 2016
Thorsten Hagelstein 3

Thank you very much, Paul :)

26 April, 2016

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