PDF Performance Improvements (Coming soon in v16.2)

Paul Usher's Blog
10 November 2016
I'm excited to announce that both the WinForms and WPF PDF Viewer along side the PDF Document Processor controls have been improved further in the upcoming v16.2 release. We understand performance is a key factor when choosing tools for your applications and the engineering teams have been work tirelessly to achieve more. 
  • Rendering has been improved by 30%, you will see an immediate benefit when scrolling or zooming on your documents.
  • Printing has been optimised, using a new PDF Print Engine we are able to render up to 4x faster and produce an output file around 20x smaller than our previous version. (Tests performed on a text document writing to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer) 
This new functionality is enabled by default, however if you need to use the old printing engine, you can do so by changing the PdfPrinterSettings.EnableLegacyPrinting property to true. One thing to note, if the new engine is used to create your document, the PdfPrinterSettings.PrintingDpi, PdfViewer.MaxPrintingDpi, and PdfViewerControl.MaxPrintingDpi properties will not have any effect on the print quality, you will also see we have removed the PrintingDPI option from the Print Dialog in the WinForms and WPF Viewers.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on the improvements. 

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